Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wheel quest

After I got my 15" MAS wheels in April i was quite happy with the way the Roadster looked - however faith had a different plan since after only 2 months of ownership i hit a spot of oily mess in a corner and did this to one of the alloys:

So that was that then...needless to say, I was as sad as I was angry - especially since these wheels are quite rare these days...couldnt be helped though, and since the wheel was beyond repair I was sporting the OEM look for some time. At first like this:

And later like this:

I sort of got used to the looks, however the tires on those wheels were somwhere between crappy and severely dangerous. So something had to be done. By chance I stumbled upon an ad in a german forum and some time later this arrived at my door:

Score! The wheels I always wanted: 6.5x14" +14.5 R.S. Watanabe B-Type wheels in original finishing, with some scratches to the lip but over all in quite good shape - guess who was a happy bunny! Since we had planned to attend a rally event a week later I immediately started polishing up the faded lips:

And ended up with this:

 Last Friday morning i got new Falken 912s fitted and brought the wheels back home...

Only 2 hours before we wanted to start driving to the Schwarzwald where the rally would start early on Saturday morning, i got the wheels fitted and went for a quick test drive. Fortunately everything would fit without modifying the arches as long as the car wasnt any lower.

So with some fresh rubber mounted to a set of great wheels we could set off towards a pure driving weekend...

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