Sunday, 10 July 2011

Visiting an old friend...

Yesterday i paid a visit to my Lantis, the first car I ever owned (had for over 10 years now) - currently hibernating due to a lack of time and funds on my end but should be back on the roads next spring. Since I wanted to go back from 17" to 16" wheels for various reasons, I got some light weight OZ Crono Evolution and sold the 7.5x17" MOMO GT2 that i used to run for 5 years or so...

Waiting for better times:


Size comparison:

I was aiming for a sort of OEM/JDM look - note that tires are the wrong size - might need spacers though.

Looks a lot less bling and showy, however it is more purposeful - reminds me of the car when i only had it a few years and brings back good memories :)

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