Saturday, 31 December 2011

Megasquirt build (Part 2)

Yesterday i found some time to continue working on my ECU: Firstly i soldered the 76 pin Denso connector to the adapter board...

...and then wired the adapter board to the main board. This is the step that gives the ECU the car specificity, so one should double check all the connections:

Followed by the addition of specific add-ons:

Then it was time to reinstall the MS2/E card and connect the unit to the computer to see what's what:

I managed to upload a firmware as well as connect to Tunerstudio and load a base map:

So i decided to mount everything in the case:

Since the car is stored during winter i will only be able to test all sensors and connections in spring when it's back on the road. Till then one has to practice patience....

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