Sunday, 15 April 2012

Project L getting ready for 2012...

Today i finally got round to fitting the parts i sent for powdercoating some time ago and just recently got back to the Lantis. I'm planning on getting the car back on the road this month so fingers crossed that this will work out. The valve cover got powder coated wrinkle black - just took me 5 years to do that and get rid of my temporary paint job ^^ - the rest of the parts satin black. I think the finish really adds a quality feel to the old parts!

Also got the new Toyo T1Rs mounted to a set of 7x16" +37 RC Design 05 wheels in Brilliant Silver instead of the OZ Crono.

In prep for the new season, I swapped the wheels and changed the oil whilst i fitted the new parts to the engine bay.

At last i connected the new Optima battery and turned the car over for the first time in over one and a half years...after a short while the engine was running as smoothly as i remembered and i could drive it out of the garage for some quick pictures...

Unfortunately it was a dirty rainy day in autumn 2009 when i put the car away so it's incredibly dirty at the moment - this of course will change first thing when i''ll get new number plates :)
Still have to sort out a few things till then but i'm eager to get things finished asap...

Not to forget, i'd like to thank Hubi from for sorting out the powder coating! I really appreciate your service :)

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