Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Project L: Status update cooling and engine

Progress is slow but steady on the Lantis.
In the last few weeks, i cleaned the engine bay, treated some minor surface rust, removed the heater and test fitted the new radiator and hoses.
Luckily i managed to fine a solution for the lower radiator hose:
The lower hose off a 2.0 Protege5 that i had laying around fits nicley and clears the A/C compressor without any issues:

The keen observer might also have noticed the cleaner bay and different exhaust header. I took the opportunity to finally test fit my Hitech Headers 4-2-1 header that I imported from down under some years ago.
So I went from this...

...to this:

It lines up rather nicely with the catalytic converter. I chose to add a flex pipe to limit the stress to the material as far as possible since the header seems to be rather cheaply put together (which is a shame considering the purchase price). So I ordered this (amongst other goodies):

I will get this welded up as soon as I can.
I also fitted the water/oil cooler off a 323 BG GT to get the oil temperature up quicker and limit oil temps on the autobahn as well.
Not an easy job with the engine in the car since space is limited, especially with aircon. 

I ended up removing the alternator and some of the VICS components (to be able to remove tha alternator) to get the short threaded oil pipe out of the block.
This is the part I'm talking about next to its replacement:

I installed a new seal to the cooler and connected it to the small cooling route in line with the heater core. 

I still need to figure out the final installation of the hoses but it fits so far. I also ordered a new water pipe that connects the water pump with the heater core (the one that goes around the engine block) but that hasn't arrived yet.

Speaking of stuff that hasn't arrived yet, I dropped off the new wheels at the paint shop a few weeks ago and hope i can pick them up maybe next week...

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