Thursday, 19 July 2018

Project.L: RDC - rear disc conversion

Well, this was on my to do list for a very (!) long time.
Since the european BA 4 cylinder did not come with rear disc brakes, I wanted to do an RDC for over 10 years now. Just never managed to do it.
I've had the parts for a few years now and finally there was a time window that could be used so here we go...

Got new lateral arms that I painted gunmetal grey for extra street cred and a long life.

For the conversion I used BG DOHC rear spindles and calipers with Brembo rotors and EBC Green Stuff pads, that I bought from a mate a couple of years ago. Hand brake cables came off a BA V6.
Since the calipers were painted gold which would not go well with my new wheels I repainted them gunmetal grey and added a few new rubber gaskets and bolts.

I also got a set of tubular training arms off a V6 which I sent out to be blasted and owder coated but I havent received them back yet.

When I pulled the old rear assembly out, I was again amazed by the built quality in the early 90s...
This bolt has covered 230k kms in 24 years sitting at the rear wheel and looks like it is a few months old...

Old drum next to shiny new control arms.

Much better, thank you!

I used Evolity brake hoses for the conversion and will swap the front ones too, since I will have to bleed the system anyway.

Always remember to fasten all the suspension bolts with rubber bushings with the car sitting at ride height!

Finally, after a couple of hours of wrenching, cleaning, applying wax and grease, the car again was one step closer to the state that it should have left the factory in - the goal that I have been chasing for over a decade now...

Did I mention I love this car? More so than any other...

The front brakes are still waiting to receive matching paint and brake hoses and the system will need to be bled.
Since all 4 discs and all brake pads are only a few k kms old I will leave them as is for now. In the long run, I want to use 270/276mm discs instead of the 255/258mm ones but this has time (maybe another decade or so :D).
Also, I suspect that I will need to swap over the proportioning valve since the braking system and pressure are different for drum and disc brakes but I want to try it out on the street before I change anything else.

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