Monday, 6 August 2018

Project.L: rear trailing arms feat. Superpro

Since I completely swapped the rear suspension arms and axle, it sould have been silly not to also address the training arms. Due to powder coating runtime, I couldn't install them the first time round, but now they are installed. So what's new?
Got a set of BA V6 tubular training arms with a bit of rot and worn bushes some time ago.

Set on removing the bushes...brute force and fire!

Was left with these:

Sent them off to be media basted and powder coated a while back. Received them last week:

To be paired with Superpro bushes...

When all is new and shiny, the install is a breeze :)

Direct comparison of new tubular vs old stamped. The tubular arms are heavier but also a lot more rigid. Plus, the hand brake cable mount is at a lot better angle for the rear disc hand brake assembly. 

Note the offset position of the eye due to worn rubber. Mind you, the bushes are almost 25 years old and overall still in usable condition...

And installed:

I also reassembled the front brake calipers and bled the brake system. Took the car for a spin this morning and can happily report that after a few years in the dark ages with almost no brake feel, I finally have a good point of brake engangement and can modulate brake force without the pedal all the way to the floor. F*** you, old drum brakes!
Good times...:)

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