Thursday 25 May 2023

New era for Project.L: Lantis goes KL V6

After a couple of years without posting, I'm back!

Quick recap in Fast Forward mode: rising a child, rebuilding an ould house, sold the MX3 V6, bought an RX-8, brought it back from the dead. Living the premix life now but missing a) my Lantis and b) the sweet K-series V6 sound. 

So: how about gathering everything I've learned and swap the Lantis again, this time with a KL 2.5 V6? I've had the engine for almost 5 years now and it was destined to replace the K8 in my MX3 but circumstances changed. 

Why not KL-ZE you might ask? Well, it's 2023 and there aren't that many good ones left. Plus, the KL in question is off a very low mileage Auto 626 (supposedly <20k kms). As i don't want another rebuild (the NA has that covered) and "just" smoothness, sound and reliable long term motoring, this one should fit the bill perfectly. 

So what's next? 

- full service on engine 

- port matching the heads to Millenia TA curved neck square port intake manifold

- refitting everything with Lantis periphery (fuel system, electrics, etc)

- utilizing K8 flywheel and Lantis V6 gearbox

I'm still looking for a lot of the V6 specific BA parts as I don't have a donor car, so this sould be fun :) 

Current status:

The car atm:

As is, the car is barely driveable. The BP burns so much oil that I just can't participate in normal traffic. However, it still moves, so that helps in the prep phase...

I'm keen to get going and finally drive again but there is a long and bumpy road ahead...wish me luck :)

Monday 8 July 2019

Classics meet: Klassikertreffen an den Opelvillen 2019

One of the cool treats of the nearby city of Rüsselsheim is the close connection of city and Opel headquarters. One a year, the park next to the river Main is opened for a day for all kinds of classic cars resulting in the biggest one-day meet in the country.
This year I went there with the NA since the first generation is now already 30 years old and therefore technically allowed in :)
What can I say, it really is an awesome experience to have a meet in a park :) The cars were amazing, too, and despite a stron bias towards Opel (sure thing), there still were many other cool cars there as can be seen on the following pictures: