Sunday, 10 April 2011

Handling upgrades for the Roadster

Today i found some time to make some changes that were due for a while now. New adjustable rear sway bar drop links, U-bar and Beatrush front strut brace.
First, the drop links, comparing old and worn with new and shiny :)

Fitting them is a bit of pita since the car has to stand on the ground to adjust them properly - anyways, still an easy task...

Next, the U-bar:

And finally the strut brace - really a beautiful and well made piece!

Also swapped the injectors again: now running the violet NB-FL injectors from the 146BHP Sportive model :)
Then went for a test drive in brilliant weather (with a dirty car though) and all is well! Few little changes really  can add up to make a real difference in feel and feedback and contribute to an overall enhanced driving experience...
Few more shots from the drive:

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