Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Maintenance never is a waste of time

When i bought it in late summer 2010, the Roadster had been neglected for quite some time - only the basics had been done. I had already bought a set of shifter boots in 2010 and finally got round to fit them.

First, off with the center console and discover juckness and dog hairs underneath - rest assured, it's clean now!

As expected, both boots were ripped.

So, all off, refill the oil, fit a new shifter collar and reassemble the lot.

After a test drive it became obvious that good maintenance really is what keeps a car crisp and fun to drive. The shifter feel and precision were good before, now they're just spot on! No play in the shifter, less force needed to engage gear and yet improved shifter feel and precision. About 50€ worth of spare parts and not even an hour of work can make all the difference here - one should keep that in mind when thinking about "upgrading" a car.

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