Sunday, 25 September 2011

Winter preparation with Fluidfilm

Since the weather was great today, yet winter is approaching quickly, I decided to treat my trusty winter car with a bit of TLC and prepare it for the things to come. Recently i found a Fluidfilm conservation kit on ebay and wanted to try this out for future applications. So i took apart the interiour of the 323F BG and started flooding the rear arches with Fluidfilm:



It was somehow reassuring that after the treatment the Fluidfilm had reached the plugs down at the sills:

I decided to treat the sills full length as well:

So for a quick review: I used up 3x400ml for both rear arches and both sills as well as all 5 doors. The car is dripping with fatty oily goo at the moment. Fluidfilm is really easy to use - how it's protective capabilities are, only time will tell...

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