Saturday, 22 October 2011

JDM Addiction: ZOOM mirror

Today a new part arrived: a ZOOM CF mirror from a Nutz member - before i got it i really wasnt sure about it but now i'm very happy about the purchase! The mirror is beautifully made using fine materials:

What's more, it's about half the weight of the stock mirror and better still, it's wide angle, meaning for the first time the interiour mirror is actually useful! Just a quick comparison, stock at the bottom:

The difference really is remarkable, now you can see everything behind you (which is good when running small Runabout S800 doow mirrors). Also very nice: the glass is tinted, so contrast is great and night time glare should be reduced as well.

The CF finish doesnt hit you in the face, it's actually quite understating, so i think it doesnt interfere with the retro theme of the car...

All in all a part i can higly recommend, best purchase this year (except the KG Works instrument cluster)!

When i was out on the test drive i couldnt resist to take a few "standard" trailer shots...

I also found a garage space for winter so the car will be off the streets soon!

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