Sunday, 19 August 2012

HKS out, RB in...

Although i really love the way the HKS Super Header made the car sound and drive it unfortunaly had two problems - one being made for RHD cars it had to be dented to clear the steering column and second it was not really street legal in germany.
To solve those problems, i recently swapped it for a Racing Beat 4in1 header - although i really prefer the 4-2-1 design. Anyways, it was time to compromise. Luckily, Petr from Garage5 was selling his RB, and ever more luckily he was headed for germany anyways, so he dropped it off whilst he was here. Cheers for that!
So, there it was, in all its shinyness, and made with a extremly rare attention to details that needs to be appreciated!

Presumably the best 4in1 header for the Roadster

Yup, it's an RB

Perfect welding

Some more...

Incredible finish

So, time to get cracking, for the next two hours, the inner flanges - although pretty good to start with - were smoothed out with a  power tool and then smoothed down by hand...

Sand, sand, sand, until it hurts...

There we go...

The headers neck to neck:

Bye bye HKS, you will be missed...

Since the cat had to be modified before to make it fit with the HKS, now we had to re-weld it to its original spec - oh well, sometimes you make it hard for yourself ^^

After installation i was really amazed how little clearence to the front subframe is with the RB header (about 2-3mm) - however, it seems to be working out rather well so far. Unfortunately the engine note is now really drony at low rpms, so this will have to be addressed in the future. For now, I'm just enjoying this really well made piece...


  1. i love it, but none of the 2 Headers are streetlegal, are they?
    if they would be, i want one, too ;-)
    greets wulfenx

  2. The RB can be legalized :)