Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Roadster is back!

Alright, here's the first proper Roadster related update in a long time. In May this year the technical inspection for the NA was due - since i knew about certain rust issues at the rear sills i decided to hand the car over to Jan at SPS Motorsport for minor surgery. Little did i know about the horrors to come...
The starting point wasnt soo bad at first glance, however, it became obvious that someone else already had a go at a very crappy repair attempt:

Not too bad, huh? Digging deeper....

So, what actually happened - somebody cut out the rusted sills, including the inner structural supports and just welded a slice of sheet metal on top and coated everything with black paint, resulting in rust creeping deeper into the sills as well as the rear off they came, everything was cut out and replaced with fresh metal, painted, sealed, conserved and finally the car went to the paint shop to get some shiney new BRG on top :):

The car got finished just in time for this years Starmaxx Rallye which unfortunately ended like this for us :

Turns out that the CAS went out  - which really was a shame since we were doing very well so far...

Well, can't be helped, after the car was wunning again it was time for some upgrades:

Second hand Koyo rad with Samco NB hose and freshly powder coated mountings and VA bolts. 

Racing Beat end links and Stop Tech brake pads on new OEM discs.

Also finally mounted the powder coated P5 frame rails, and one can just see a bit of the HKS Super Header :)

Like this, the Roadster is now finally back on the streets and going strong again...

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