Thursday, 19 July 2018

A new front bumper for the Daily

I've been running the Xero Fux 323 with the rancid front bumper for about 10 moths now and although I didnt mind the rough look, the lines didnt match the OEM side skirts.

When I was offered a new bumper in the correct color for cheap and trq sold his old, slightly wrecked front lip, things got moving...

I painted the front lip with a rest of rattle can that I had left over from the side skirts. Please note the innovative 2 piece design of the lip.

Next up: holes!

Followed by JB weld and zip ties. I really liked the mint zip ties on the old bumper, so I decided, that the drift stitches and sticker would just slide down from the bumper onto the lip to preserve the xero fux look a bit :)

Glued the thing onto the bumper.

Put both onto the car.

The fitment is not perfect since the bumper is not OEM and the lip is a bit warped but that's ok because nöfüksgvn.

Much better side line now!

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